Pre-Convention Meeting @ Sept. 14th!

Hey guys! ^_^ AWA is already around the corner and I thought it’d be fun to hold a pre-con meeting this Sunday. 🙂 We will be sharing stories from last year’s con, giving out tips for new con-goers, tips for selling artwork in the artist’s alley, and share the anticipation.

Last week’s meeting was cancelled due to school obligations but I hope everyone will come this Sunday! 🙂 Please bring a list of mangas you have in your inventory that you are willing to share so that we can set up a database for the group. Also, we will be watching a Cardcaptors animated short, some amusing videos here and there and the topic of discussion will be: “Worst animes/mangas ever!” Get ready to rant! 😉

We will meet at Yogoday, which is located on Barrett Pkwy next to QT in the Moe’s Southwest Grill shopping center: 125 Ernest Barrett Parkway, Suite 101 Marietta, GA 30060.

Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm

Day: Sunday, Sept. 14th

Place: Yogoday @ Barrett Pkwy

Bring friends! ❤

EDIT: Also, if you’re a newcomer, join the Facebook group so you can get notified of meetings!



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Using wikis?

I’ve possibly found another way besides message board to facilitate the swapping business: a wiki!

I may try to set up somehting in PBwiki and see how that would pan out .. ^_^ Maybe everyone can have their own little page on the wiki to edit and stuff. 😀

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Next Meeting will be on Aug. 24th!

Oue next meeting will be on August 24th at Yogoday (On Barrett Pkwy, next in QT in the Moe’s Southwest Grill shopping square). Meeting will take place at 1:00-2:30 unless stated otherwise. ^^

For our next meeting, please bring a list of manga you are willing to swap! I will explain to you guys the swpaping procedure at the meeting; I’ve decided to hold off on the message boards until we have a larger number of members.

We are also going to watch a newly released animated short on Kero and Spinal from Cardcaptor Sakura and a really funny Cardcaptor Sakura theme song mock up video. 😡 I don’t know why we’ll be watching so much Cardcaptor stuff, it just turned out that way. XD

Also in our next meeting, we will be discussing anime vs. manga: the pros and cons of each media, the storytelling differences, plot differences, and whether or not specific titles are more fitted to one media and why. Keep the subject in mind until then! ^^

The meeting after Aug. 24 will take place on September 14th and we will be talking about AWA, which happens the weekend after! 🙂 Hope to see you at both meetings!


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Ideas for future discussions

While the club exists to create the flow of manga, I also want club meetings to be filled with activity and discussion. I’ve come up with quite a few ideas and I think they can shed some light onto the artistic, cultural, and literary aspects of manga:

  • Anime vs. manga
  • Pet peeves and tired cliches in manga
  • Best shoujo titles
  • Best shounen titles
  • OEL manga and our opinions on them
  • Differences in American and Japanese cartoons
  • Story vs. art: what do you look for in manga?
  • Anime/manga archetypes (maybe even where they come from?)
  • Effect of anime on American culture

I think we can generate a lot of discussion on these topics. 🙂 We’ll also look at character development, interrelationships, the fan-culture of pairings, storytelling techniques, how certain techniques evoke certain emotions, and what exactly makes a manga great.

i won’t be here the weekend of August 29th, but I may have the next meeting on Sept. 7th, a Sunday. This is speculation at the moment but I will update as soon as the date and time is decided.

Also, if you have ideas for future discussion, throw ’em in the comments. 🙂

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8/10 Meeting

Just wanted to post on the new site! 🙂 We had our first meeting last Sunday on the tenth and it was very productive! Thank you guys for coming and for pitching your ideas. I think we have a pretty good first set of rules; hopefully we won’t have to change them too much!

The site isn’t much at the moment but for now, you can least read all about the club and club objectives. 😀 I’m tossing around ideas for the site and I may even feature a fanart page or something. AWA is coming up in just a month and I am so excited about it. ^_^ I think I have leave out some flyers about the mangaswap group to get some word-of-mouth going on. Next, I will be going to find a message board service that will suit us best, if you know of any, let me know!


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